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Unless otherwise indicated, all capacitors on this page are quality Cornell Dubilier Poly-Metals

PartDescriptionPart NumberCost
0.01uF, 50 Volt Poly Metal Capacitor
C22 on Bally 5-Volt Regulators and
C2 on Gottlieb Pop Bumper Driver Boards

CAPP-0.01/50 $0.50 Each

PartDescriptionPart NumberCost
0.01uF, 630 Volt Poly-Metal Capacitor
C27 & C28 on Bally high voltage regulators

CAPP-0.01/630 $0.75 Each

PartDescriptionPart NumberCost
0.047uF, 50 Volt Poly-Metal Capacitor (axial)
STK Electronics MM37-4702H50
Can be used on Bally switches

CAPP-0.047/50AX $0.40 Each

PartDescriptionPart NumberCost
0.1uF, 50 Volt Poly-Metal Capacitor

CAPP-0.1/50 $0.50 Each

PartDescriptionPart NumberCost
0.22uF, 250 Volt Poly-Metal Capacitor

CAPP-0.22/250 $0.50 Each

PartDescriptionPart NumberCost

2.2uF, 250 Volt Poly-Metal Non-Polar Capacitor

Used on EOS (End of Stroke) Flipper switches
to eliminate sparking/arcing. Using these
will prevent carbon build up on the points.
Prevalent on Williams and Data East games.

CAPP-2.2/250 $0.95 Each
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