Tools and Supplies

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Tools and supplies that comes in handy for pinball folks who like to do their own work and repairs.

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Cleaning tools

Flexstone Abrasive Switch Cleaning Stick - Not for all switches!

Lamp Socket Cleaner Stick - Makes quick work of cleaning out sockets

File Tools: Six piece set of strong steel files
Plastic sharp edged razor blades

Wire Ties

4-Inch nylon wire ties

8-Inch nylon wire ties


Small Zip-Lock bags, Clear, approx. 2" x 2"
Small Zip-Lock bags, Writable Label, approx. 2" x 3"
Small Zip-Lock bags, Writable Label, approx. 3" x 3"
Small Zip-Lock bags, Writable Label, approx. 3" x 4"

4" x 4" Static Dissipative Bags (100 count)

3" x 5" Static Dissipative Bags (100 count)

Wax and Cleaners


Johnson Paste Wax (16 oz. can)
(Shipping restrictions apply)

Novus #1, #2 and #3 Cleaners and Wax

Novus Buffing Polish Kit

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Other Chemicals & Misc
Krylon Triple-Thick (12 oz. spray can)
(Shipping restrictions apply)

Tubes of Silicone



Molex Hand Crimpers

Molex Pin extraction tools


PLCC (ASIC Chip) extraction tool

$5.00 Each
PLCC Extraction tool


Inexpensive 20 Watt soldering Iron


4 in One precision Screwdriver

One Pound Kester Solder
NOS (New old stock) "The Good Stuff!"

Alloy: Sn63. Diameter: .031.
Flux: 282. Core: 66
Part number QQS-571 /WRMAP-3


$35.00 Each
Kester Solder

Out Of Stock 04/17/2017


Desoldering Braid wire

2.5mm wide by 1.5M length


$2.99 Each
Desolder Braid Wire

5/8" (3/8 drive) Leg Bolt Socket
Brand new. AC Delco brand

Bally/Williams, Gottlieb, new Stern and others use 5/8" bolts.
Older Bally & Stern used 9/16" bolts


$5.00 Each
5/8" Leg Bolt Socket

Generic "Eraser Sponge"

Compare to Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
Slightly smaller at 3.55" X 2.4" X 1.2"/ 90mm X 60mm X 30mm

Add a little water (or some say rubbing alcohol) and rub gently, then polish with Novus.
Can work wonders on ball swirls and grime.


$1.00 Each
Sponge Eraser


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