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Replacement wiring harnesses and rebuild kits for
Gottlieb System 1 and System 80 pinball machines


Brand new wiring harnesses built with 100% new parts.
Quite often these need to be replaced as the pins in them get damaged or have corrosion on them.

Please read the installation instructions >>>Click Here<<<


Gottlieb System 1: Power Supply to MPU Harness

$10.00 Each
Sys 1 Harness
Out Of Stock 10/31/16



Gottlieb System 1: MPU to Driver Harness

$39.00 Each
Sys 1 Harness
MPU to Driver
1 in stock 11/18/17


Gottlieb System 1: MPU to Driver Harness with diode protection


Just like the MPU/Driver Harness above, but with built in diodes to protect your MPU from blown solenoid driver transistors.

Take a look at this picture of a System-1 Driver. You'll notice the seven circled diodes. These diodes are there to protect your MPU in case a driver transistor should fail and allow solenoid voltage (24 VDC) to travel from the driver board to the MPU. Should this happen, your MPU would suffer damage. Early System-1 Drivers did not have these diodes, and there are many of these boards out there. Eventually Gottlieb realized their mistake and revised the board. If your System-1 Driver does not have the diodes, then you run the risk of MPU damage should a driver transistor short out. The three choices you have are: Replace your driver with one of the later revisions that have the diodes, install diodes on your board, or leave it as is and hope the bad stuff never happens to you. Now there's a 4th option: Buy one of these System-1 MPU to Driver harnesses with built-in diode protection. Wired in-line with each solenoid data line is a 1N4004 silicon diode which will block all voltage coming back up from the Driver to the MPU. The diodes will not interfere with the normal operation of the two boards. In fact, should you use a protected harness and then later get a revised driver, the harness will still work. Please note the Ni-Wumph driver board is incompatible with this harness, but it is also unnecessary .



$35.00 Each
Sys 1 Harness w/Diode protection
MPU to Driver
Out of Stock 11/10/15



Gottlieb System 80: Power Supply to MPU Harness

$9.00 Each
Sys 80 Harness




Gottlieb System 80: 5" MPU to Driver Harness

$52.00 Each
Sys 80 Harness
MPU to Driver

Out Of Stock 2/18/2015

If you have a harness, you
can rebuild with the kit below.




Gottlieb System 80: MPU to Driver Harness Rebuild Kit


$26.00 Each
Sys 80 MPU to Driver Harness Rebuild Kit
Contains all the wires plus a pin extractor.
All out of stock

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