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For you do-it-yourself types - we have the following Williams repair kits.

DMD roll fix  

Fuse Kits
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Optos & Switchs
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Sound Boards
WPC-95 & WPC-DCS  


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Williams WPC-95 & WPC-DCS Sound kit


This kit contains two TDA2030A chips, two TL084 op amp ICs and two 14 pin sockets (leaf variety). If you have scratchy or intermittent sound problems, replacing these could solve your problem. You may also want to replace capacitors C20 and C21 (10,000 mfd @ 35V, not currently sold here)

-   TDA2030A U5/U6
-   TL084 U1/U2

-   TDA2030A U27/U28
-   TL084 U21/U29

$12.00 each
WPC-95/WPC-DC Sound Kit


Williams WPC-95 & WPC-DCS DMD roll fix

Replacing these two capacitors on your display driver board can fix what is commonly known as DMD roll.
If your display has a rolling line through it and original 150uf caps, replacing them will usually fix it.

Contains two
220uF, 160 Volt Electrolytic (radial) capacitors:

WPC-95: Caps C28 & C42 on the A/V board
WPC-S/earlier: C4 & C7 on DM Controller

(2) 220uF, 160 Volt Electrolytic Capacitors



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