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Used Pinball Stuff for Sale

Here's a collection of used pinball parts I have for sale.
This stuff is being sold on a first come first served basis and since it's all used stuff,
it's all being offered strictly "as-is" with no returns or refunds.


Bally/Stern clear P/S cover
$5.00 each


Bally/Williams Twist sockets for
wedge (555 type) bulbs.

$0.25 each


Various Flipper Shafts/Shoes. Most used, a few new ones, all sizes and from Bally, Stern, Williams and Gottlieb.
Please contact me with exact measurements of what you need before ordering.
$1.00 - $5.00


Bally rollover stars
$1.00 each
Only 1 left in stock, looking for more


Gottlieb System 1
Power Supply bracket


Used Pop Bumper assembly with coil
Two grades, one with plunger assembly & spring, other without.
Style and coil number vary, most are 26-1200 and 26-1500.
Email if you have a specific need.
These are older Bally/Stern, but the same style can
even be used on WPC games

With plunger
  Without plunger

Gottlieb backglass holders (33 Available)
$1.00 each with screw


Gottlieb Diode Assy #1
(single deck)


Gottlieb Diode Assy #2
(double deck)



Thanks for your business!

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