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Molex Hand Crimpers
$18.00 Each
$34.00 per Pair

Here's a nice, inexpensive crimper that does a great job on various Molex connector pins. I use these crimpers myself and they work great on all the various sizes of connector pins for sale at Big Daddy Enterprises. The yellow gripped crimpers work best on the connectors made for smaller gauge wires, AWG-20 and smaller and the red gripped crimpers do a better job on the connectors made for larger gauge wires, AWG-18 and bigger.

These crimper tools also have a screw cutter and wire stripper. Order them now and quit soldering those connector pins!

Molex HT-1921 Crimper Tool
Good for crimping connectors gauged for smaller sized wires (AWG-20 and smaller)

Molex HT-1919 Crimper Tool
Good for crimping connectors gauged for larger sized wires (AWG-18 and bigger)
Please note as of 7/1/2017 I was supplied these with yellow handles

Price: $18.00 each, plus shipping

Buy one of each for $34.00 and save $2.00

Molex Crimper
HT-1921 Yellow
Molex Crimper
HT-1919 Red
Molex Crimper Set
One of Each

Thanks for your business!

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